Kyle is passionate about serving others and working towards a better future for us all.  Now more than ever,  our community needs  a strong progressive champion that will fight for working families, fight for Adams County, and fight for us.


As our State Representative, count on Kyle to:

  • Work hard for us and act with integrity at all times. 
  • Support our working families by fighting for livable wages,  access to health care, and affordable housing.
  • Ensure that our children have every opportunity to succeed by reinvesting in public education, universal pre-school, and apprenticeship programs. 
  • Protect our environment by advocating for sustainable energy solutions and safeguarding our state’s great outdoors.
  • Work to improve our state's roads and transportation options.
  • Stand by our Dreamers and fight to ensure that every Coloradan has the opportunity to earn a good life. 

Is there a particular issue you're passionate about + want to know where Kyle stands?

Send him an email at! 

Issues + Priorities